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Event Remembered

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Event remembered was founded in 2004 by Evgenia after she was tapped by her friends, the friends of her friends and the friends of their friends for help and advice on preparations of their special events. Immigrating to the United States from the Former Soviet Union and having Russian-Jewish heritage herself Evgenia met many Russian – speaking people who wanted to blend in with the new American culture but at the same time not to completely forget their native traditions. Being a New Yorker and following fast New York City life schedule she knew that while many want to make their special event extraordinary and unique, only a few have the time to go through all the preparation tasks on their own. And while handling this special day to a professional seemed over the top, many people realized that rather than missing out on the fun side of their event, it would only be logical to dedicate all the preparations to a professional that can plan it accordingly.
Event Remembered grew from a 1-person operation to a team of professionals. Currently, the company does not only offer advice and recommendations on vendors, flower shops, limo services, photography, music but also help their clients to come up with unique theme ideas for their parties, create one-of-a-kind invitations and decorate the venues the way the client envisions. While our team enjoys organizing variety of events for our clients, we truly do our best at bringing out your culture for your unique event. From blintzes and black caviar to gorgeous Russian Orthodox wedding ceremonies to Bat/Bar Mitzvah celebrations, our team will make Your Special Event Remembered. Please check our packages and feel free to contact us for special requests.